The Story on the Hammer

From Holden:

Lou Dubose and Jan Reid have a new book out on a certain bugman:

With The Hammer, Lou Dubose and Jan Reid track the rise of Tom DeLay from owner of a pest control business to unremarkable, and hard-partying, Texas legislator (his nickname was “Hot Tub Tom”), to the congressional pinnacle of power. DeLay is the representative who has called the Environmental Protection Agency “the Gestapo of government,” that he drove what he dubbed “The Campaign” to impeach Bill Clinton because Clinton lacked a “biblical worldview,” that he didn’t serve in Vietnam because too many minorities had signed up leaving no room for people like him, and recently stated any House adoption of a revised bill reinstating tax credits for poor families “ain’t going to happen.”

Buy it.

Here’s an interview of DuBose by Amy Goodman from July, just for kicks.