Jerk Opens Mouth, Story at 10

Wow, is Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin’s opponent in Wisconsin a superficial prick:

Much of the debate focused on how the contenders would represent the people of Wisconsin during their term in office. According to Republican Magnum, Baldwin has spent more time representing special interest groups from the East and West Coasts than dealing with her constituents.

“I promise you that I won’t hang around Hollywood enough to get a starring role in a movie like ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,'” he said. “I have a goal to be your local representative in Congress. My special interest group is going to be you folks, the 685,000 people of this district. My goal is not going to be to be a national celebrity.”

In response, Baldwin said she has spent most of her time in office in Madison and has used her power to support her constituents.

“I’m very proud of my representation of this district,” she said. “I spend the vast majority of my time here, and this is where I get the chance to hear from you and represent you … and I’m very proud of my cameo appearance that I’m glad you think is a starring role in ‘[Fahrenheit] 9/11.'”

She added most issues she works on, like higher education and foreign policy, are important to all Americans, not just Wisconsinites.

Y’all may remember Tammy from the film. She’s also the only out lesbian in Congress, and with anti-equality measures on ballots all over this country, I can’t think of a more important perspective to keep in our national legislature. You can learn more about her here.