Drive-by Pie-ing Fails

From Holden:

Two men tried to hit Ann Coulter with pies during her appearance at the University of Arizona last night.

As Coulter addressed a question about terrorism, she stopped mid-statement: “You take away the terrorism and liberals would hate…” at that Coulter gasped as she looked to her left, and began backing away from the podium. Two men ran by, on-stage, and each threw a pie a her. They were mobbed as they tried to exit the auditorium.

I do not advocate acts of violence against anyone exercising his or her First Amendment rights, even someone as abhorrent and dishonest as Ann the Man. Granted being hit in the face with a pie is not all that violent, and certainly pales in comparison to the violence that Ann has incited towards those she disaggrees with or simply does not like. I just don’t see how attacking Man-Hands Ann accomplishes anything.