The Kerry Cabinet

From Holden:

The Washington Post is speculating today about what a Kerry Cabinet might look like. I love to see confidence in a Kerry win expressed so boldly among the major media.

Here are the top candidates for key positions according to the Post’s Jim VandeHei:

Secretary of State

Sen. Joseph Biden

Amb. Richard Holbrooke

Sen. Chuck Hagel [Fart noises from Holden.]

Sen. Richard G. Lugar [See Hagel, above.]

Former Sen. Warren Rudman

Secretary of Defense

Sen. Chuck Hagel

Sen. Richard G. Lugar

Sen. Warren Rudman

Dep. Secretary of State Richard L. Armitage [NO WAY! Armitage is complicit in Bush’s war crimes.]

[What about Wes Clark?]

Treasury Secretary

Jim Johnson

Roger C. Altman

Federal Reserve Chair

Robert E. Rubin [YES!!!]

White House Chief of Staff

Jim Johnson

Mary Beth Cahill

John Sasso

Alexis M. Herman

Secretary of Health and Human Services

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen

Secretary of Homeland Defense [Hey, if we can’t get rid of this superfluous department without scaring all the Security Moms, can we at least change the name to something less reminiscent of the Third Reich?]

Rep. Jane Harman

Sen. Susan Collins

Rep. Lee H. Hamilton

Gov. Thomas H. Kean

Rep. Timothy J. Roemer

Attorney General

Dennis Archer

Deval L. Patrick

Jamie S. Gorelick

[Uh, hello…Ellito Spitzer?]

Secretary of Agriculture or Education

Gov. Tom Vilsack