Financial Times Endorses John Kerry

From Holden:

The handwriting is on the wall for Georgie. When the Financial Times, one of the most influencial (and conservative) daily papers endorses John Kerry and is stingly critical of George Bush, you know Bush’s days are numbered.

The paper, one of the world’s leading financial dailies, called Bush “a polarizer, exploiting the war on terror to cow domestic opposition and divide the world into Them and Us.”

“Over the past three years, the gap between ambition and reality has created what could be termed a ‘Bush bubble’,” it said.


“Mr. Bush’s flaw is his stubborn reluctance to admit mistakes and to adjust personnel and policy. Blind faith in military power as a tool for change has too often influenced decision-making,” it said.

“The US needs allies in the struggle against terrorism but Mr. Bush’s crusading moralism has alienated the rest of the world, and a large constituency at home already fearful of the religious right.”