This Administration’s Eternal Question

A key point from Josh’s most excellent work on the explosives story:

To say that we knew nothing about the theft of these materials during that entire time is simply not credible. And if it’s really true, it’s considerably worse than if it’s a lie.

Exactly. It never ceases to amaze me that “We just had no idea what the holy living hell was going on” continues to be accepted as a valid defense of anything these guys do or don’t do. “We ain’t evil, we’s just stupid” they say as if that makes it okay.

Let’s be very clear here: When you are in charge of the whole effing country, you are responsible for the things you do not know. You are responsible for the shit you just didn’t think about.

I swear to God if somebody pointed a gun at this country’s collective head these people would quibble that they couldn’t possibly have known it would be of this caliber, and then smile winningly, as if to say, “See? We’re in the clear!” while the rest of us worry about whether or not the fucking thing is loaded.