From Holden:

Remember what it was like as the end of the millineum approached in 1999? All the dire warnings about ariplanes falling from the sky and our toasters attacking us with laser beams if we did not resolve the Y2K problem in time?

This election year, with the fear that something will go wrong on Tuesday followed by weeks of litigation, reminds me of Y2K. As we were on December 31, 1999, this country is fully prepared for Y2K4. We’ve been forewarned and forearmed. Be it Florida felon lists, Ohio voter challenges, or paperless Diebold machines, we’ve been preparing for this election for years. And so I think we won’t see the vast debacle that many have anticipated.

Sure, there will be some problems — electronic voting machines that fail to register voter preferences, Republican attempts at intimidation — and they should not be ignored. But, overall I anticipate a rather smooth election.

Call me crazy, stupid, or just plain wrong. But I think that the anticipation of voting problems will far outweight what actually occurs on November 2.