Overnight Happy Kerry Photos: Presidential Makeout Sessions

Enjoy him while you have him to yourself, Teresa m’love. Starting tomorrow night, we’re all going to claim ownership:

I know it sounds cheesy, and maybe it’s the wine talking, but there’s a huge part of me that feels very privileged that in these screwed-up times, a man like this still wants to lead us. It makes me feel better about us as a country, that someone like John Kerry would go to bat for us.

We’re going to talk about him the way my parents talk about Kennedy, the way my grandparents talk about FDR. I know it down in the soles of my feet, I know it in my bones.

Work hard tomorrow, kids. I know I will be. But every once in a while, be sure you stop for a second to absorb the enormity of what you’re doing. Take a minute, look around you, at the country you’ve made. Look at what you’ve done.