Black Box Voting

Shaw Kenawe provided this link to a story at Alternet about discrepancies in the election results.

The story basically says what I was just hearing on AAR: In the states where there were paper ballots, the exit polls match the results of the vote. In the states where people voted with touch screens and other evoting methods, the polls and the vote are completely at odds. And the numbers don’t match the numbers of voters. And in Florida this morning – surprise! – they found enough votes to pass the gambling initiative after all. Bill Bennett must be so proud.

But things are moving. There have been calls from the Senate Judiciary Committee for a complete investigation, according to Randi. I’m sending some money to, personally. They have filed the largest FOIA request ever.

Let me just explain something about this. I am not holding out false hopes that there is enough there to get John Kerry elected. What I am concerned about is our future. We need to know what happened for the good of the country and the continuation of democracy. If we don’t have a fair election process, we are doomed.