Value System

Beth over at Seditious Libel is collecting stories about the things that influenced us and helped us develop our values:

I’m proposing a little exercise in understanding. It’s a little ditty that goes something like this: I’d like everyone, whether you normally comment or not, who is willing to post a brief summary of where they come from, valuewise. That is, what is your religion or guiding philosophy (e.g. secular humanism) now? Is it different from how you were raised? What sort of world view does it create? Do you believe in a battle between good and evil? God and Satan? Do you believe that purity (not defiling yourself by your behaviors) is key to a good life, or is moral action key? Both? Etc.

Beth’s got an interesting journey of her own up at the blog. Knowing you Draftees, I think you’ll have some good ones to contribute to her discussion. Go.