Iraqi Health Care Deteriorates Under U.S. Occupation

From Holden:

Further evidence that the people of Iraq were better off under Saddam is provided by Medact:

War in Iraq (news – web sites) has caused a public health disaster that has left the country’s medical system in tatters and increased the risk of disease and death, according to a report released Tuesday.

Medact, a British-based charity that examines the impact of war on health, said cases of vaccine-preventable diseases were rising and relief and reconstruction work had been mismanaged.

“The health of the Iraqi people has deteriorated since the 2003 invasion,” Gill Reeve, the deputy director of Medact, told a news conference to launch the report.

“Immediate action is needed to halt this health disaster.”


“The 2003 war exacerbated the threats to health posed by the damage inflicted by previous wars, tyranny and sanctions. It not only created the conditions for further health decline, but also damaged the ability of Iraqi society to reverse it,” it said.


One in four people in Iraq still depend on food aid and more children are underweight or chronically malnourished than in 2000, the report added.