Microsoft censorship

Microsoft has a strange sense of propriety, to say the least. Over at BoingBoing, I found a great post about MSN Spaces, the new Microsoft blogging tool. It censors certain words that one might like to include in a blog title or URL. But it gets head-scratchingly silly, if not downright funny.
First, the classic seven dirty words that are banned by the FCC are censored. So shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits (tits????!!!!) are verboten. From there, it is anything but clear.
Boingboing tried out a number of blog title ideas, and found that while “Corporate Whore” is not allowed, as in “Corporate Whore Chronicles,” “Corporate Prostitutes” is ok. And while the above-mentioned “tits” is not allowed, “Tits for Tats” passed. Likewise:
“World of Poop”

“Dick, Balls, Boobies, Goddammit”

“My Craptacular Life” made it past the censor, as did “Internet Explorer is Crap.”
But pity the lawyer or law student who wants to use: “Pornography and the Law”, because that one got a rude red message advising “can the profanity.” And here’s a real puzzle – while “Butt Sex is Awesome” got by, “Anal Health for People who Think Butt Sex is Awesome” did not. “Lolita is a novel by Vladimir Nabokov” was rejected (Whaaa?) But “Smoking Crack: A How-to Guide for Teens” got the MSN seal of approval.
link here.