Kitty Has Claws

Washintonian magazine dropped Ms. Kelley from its masthead after her book about The Family Bush. Kitty, her hackles up, responded thusly. Meow.

I recognize the owner’s influence on his magazine and would understand if you said that you needed to remove me from the masthead in order to preserve your job. In fact, I would applauded your honesty. Instead, you criticized me for the timing of my book. Yet you did not cite one falsehood, one factual error, or one misrepresentation. Rather, you wrapped your criticism around a pious respect “for the office of the President” and for the private lives of those who occupy the White House. Yet where that same high-mindedness was when the magazine was writing about Bill and Hillary Clinton and publishing rumors in Capital Comment about Julia Thorne’s divorce from John Kerry, I do not know.

The selective outrage on the right never fails to amuse me. I say amuse because if I wasn’t amused, this blog would consist solely of the word “fuck” and the sound of someone rocking, gently, back and forth.