Goodbye to all that

I’m happy to say goodbye to 2004 tonight. It has been an interesting year. I mean that in all senses of “interesting,” but especially in the sense it has in the curse: May you live in interesting times.
I hope that 2005 is a better year, but nothing happens on New Year’s Day. The marking of time is a human conceit; a way of attempting to manage the unmanageable. Every so often the unmanageable rises up and reminds us of its existence. Thus, we end the year in sorrow over the unimaginable tragedy of the deaths of so many from the tsunami in south Asia.
But we’re interesting creatures our own selves, because as long as a human is alive, hope is too. I think humans are amazing, actually, so I never have quite understood why it is supposedly a bad thing to be a “humanist.” I got annoyed with institutionalized Buddhism because it insists on removing the humanity from the Buddha. I thought that was the point. Oh we’re capable of anything, and that includes anything evil that a human mind can devise. But we are always just as capable of being better than we thought we were, of reaching beyond everything we thought we were. May that side of us prevail in 2005.
I wish you all peace and justice in the New Year