Obsession Extra – Sound as a Dollar

From Holden:

Here’s one more tid-bit from today’s gaggle, a great question about Social Security:

Q And secondly, Scott, on the Social Security privatization — the President has said he would be very concerned in making sure that funds in the private accounts were not at risk for the people who wanted to place them there, but — and he took the example of placing them in U.S. Treasury bonds. Now, the Social Security funds are already being placed in Treasury bonds. Why should the private accounts make a difference, unless people are allowed to put them in the stock market, which, of course, is a very risky undertaking?

Scottie never answered that question, but it’s a darn good one. The preznit wants people to be able to take their Social Security contributions out of Treasury Bonds and invest them in something safe – like Treasury Bonds.

Sounds good to me!