Item #357,891 in the Stupid Wingnut File

From Holden:

Apparently, Freedom of Speech ain’t free.

A lawsuit has been filed accusing a man with strong political opinions of attacking another man over a bumper sticker.

The bumper sticker said “George Bush is a serial killer.”

Jeffrey Trapp said in the lawsuit that he went into a liquor store on Nov. 18 and was talking to a store employee when Kirkwood Dormeyer walked in. Dormeyer allegedly told them he had used his knife to scrape a bumper sticker off an unknown person’s automobile because he found it offensive.

Trapp said he told Dormeyer that the bumper sticker was an exercise of the right of free speech.

The lawsuit alleges the two continued to argue and Dormeyer pushed Trapp out the door and a physical fight ensued.

According to the lawsuit, Trapp suffered a broken rib and knee injuries.

Santa Fe Deputy police said Dormeyer was arrested on a simple battery charge.