Enough Already

From Holden:

After reading for the umpteenth time that “internet bloggers” “linked the name Jeff Gannon and Talon News back to Gopusa [sic]” shortly after the “presidential news conference on Jan. 26” (this time in the NYTimes) I am compelled to say: No, you are wrong.

The first blogger to question Jeff Gannon’s admittance to the White House Press Briefings was Eileen Smith in her blog WebDems. She began asking questions about “Gannon” in her first post on Feb. 18, 2004.

I also posted on “Gannon” in Eschaton on July 18, 2004, in this post.

With all the backslapping and self-congratulating goinng on over Gannongate on the left side of the blogosphere it would be nice if some of the Johnny-come-lately’s would acknowledge the folks who began asking questions about this clown a year ago.

I’m looking at you, Kossites.