They get letters

David Neiwert posts this letter he received and makes very little comment on it. It does speak for itself, and what is says is pretty damned terrifying and disgusting.


Your blog is entertaining, but your running, one sided debate is mostly with straw men of the kosher conservative variety. The real right doesn’t take Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh seriously, and we know better than to use “exterminationist rhetoric.” The real right is at Stormfront and VNN forum.

Anyway, I also wanted to address your whining at the fact that kosher kareer conservatives like Coulter and Limbaugh and Savage/Weiner are getting mean and using “exterminationist rhetoric.” I agree that they are, but your side asked for it. Remember the early 90’s? I was on a college campus back then, and I was a mere “kosher conservative” myself. I made the mistake of asking a professor why everyone was bashing Reagan so much. it was an honest question, and I was there to learn. The students, led by a Jewish kid, started literally screaming at me and calling me racist, Nazi, etc. What most surprised me was that the professor didn’t enforce a standard of civility in the classroom, but permitted anarchy. After that it was a typical campaign of hate and bullying, calling me “nazi” in the halls. I could have easily beaten them up, I was an off campus Army reservist and athlete, but I didn’t want to get kicked out of college. I was there to learn.
One of the things the Jewish kid would say to me was, “Why don’t you go to your friends at Stormfront?” One day I said, “Fine, I will. I’ll check them out!” I didn’t even have a computer, so I used the one in the library. I went on Stormfront, and complained about my treatment at college, and complained about multiculturalism. What they said to me there was, “Multiculturalism and identity politics is not something to be mourned, but to be celebrated, becuase it means eventually white people will be allowed to have identity politics too. Ever wonder why there’s a Hispanic club, a Jewish club, a Black club, an Asian club, a Gay club, but no White club?” Flawless logic, eh? To me it certainly is, and no one from your side has ever even tried to answer why white heteros are not permitted a group identity while gays and coloreds are allowed to have group identities and clubs based on their race and perversion.
So I thanked the Jewish kid for sending me to Stormfront, and I quit the College Republicans. I stopped wanting to be liked. And you know what? They backed off. THey stopped their catcalls and bullying behaviour, because they knew I was no longer restrained by “kosher konservativism.” and that’s the only way to deal with left wing bullying — to say, “fine I’m a racist. Fine I’m a Nazi. I wish the Holocaust happened for real, because people like you deserver it.” I really said that to him. And you know what? He and his little cat club of hat on backwards pussy boys didn’t jump all over me. Nope, they backed off. I saw fear in their eyes after that What cowardly scum. Yep, that’s how I learned to stop worrying about being called a racist and learned to love Hitler. You guys sowed the winds with bullying political correctness, now enjoy your whirlwind. From College Republican to Nazi in one semester. Oh, and I got several other people to go to Stomfront too, who were inspired by my courage and equally disgusted at TJB (typical Jewish behaviour).
I guess to sum it up, the Left are terrible salesmen . . . er . . salespeople, of their ideology. They are very mean and intolerant, and they have an exclusionary reflex towards anyone who disagrees in the slightest. So quick to censor, ban, bully, and ostracize. Thank God you’re Stupid, is all we can say. (there’s an essay out there called “Thank God They’re Stupid” by Grant Bruer google it, he’s as extreme as it gets, but very good writing) Cheers!