From Holden:

One of my lovely U.S. senators, the embarrassingly homophobic John Cornyn, held a forum in Sherman, Texas, yesterday to promote Chimpy’s plan to demolish Social Security. Surprisingly, Senator Turtlelove praised progressive income taxes while explaining his support for an increase in the payroll tax cap.

But what caught my eye was this question from a local college student that for convenience sake we’ll call “Jeff”.

One of the college students present said to the senator, “What is interesting to me is that there are several prominent Democrats, such as President Clinton and the current Senate minority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, who are on record during the Clinton Administration that Social Security is in crisis and there seems to be a double standard in progress when our current great President George W. Bush with his plans to reform Social Security. My question is, is this purely obstructionist politics by the Democrats or is there another reason for this?”