Ooops … they did it again

Guys? If you wrote letters to Chicago’s teeny-bopper morning radio lunatics, dropped them an e-mail and said thanks? Well, either they listened, or they’re just that determined to get fired, because this past Tuesday, they did this again.

The premise of the show this week? A magazine cover asking if Evangelical Christians were going to get everything they wanted from President Bush since they were a large chunk of his re-election support. What does the president owe them? From a long speech about how we no longer have any meaningful separation of church and state in this country, and about how religion was being used to threaten gay people and women and generally keep people from being free, they segued into calls from people who thought everyone needed to follow Jesus, one man who said he was a Christian but thought most organized denominations were crap, a Scientologist, a preacher’s son who rebelled …

They played clips of Bush talking semi-incoherently about “I believe what I believe and I believe what I believe is the right thing to believe” and mocked furiously. They kept a fervent Christian on the line while the Scientologist talked and then let them fight for a while. In between they played “Candy Shop.” And then, straight from the schoolyard sex euphemisms back to the Catholics and the Protestants and the role of women in the early church.

If you wrote a letter telling them to keep it up, thank you. You’re helping to make mornings around here a lot more interesting.