‘Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981’

No mention of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as a possible papal successor should go without a mention of his fan club’s site:

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is head of the Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose mission is to “to promote and safeguard the doctrine on the faith and morals throughout the Catholic world” (John Paul II).

As Grand Inquisitor for Mother Rome, Ratzinger keeps himself busy in service to the Truth: correcting theological error, silencing dissenting theologians, and stomping down heresy wherever it may rear its ugly head — and, consequently, has received somewhat of a notorious reputation among the liberal media and ‘enlightened’ intellegensia of pseudo-Catholic universities.

The best parts are the merchandise:

And the feedback section, where people argue whether the site is, in fact, a joke, or just the coolest thing ever, or both:

This website is wicked!! Definitely one of the most entertaining I’ve seen. And the kitsch is just so, mmm-mmm, vunderbar. Long live Prince Ratz.


Is this a joke? This man knows less about God than a pork quantic theory. Use your common sense!