Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

No Little Scottie today, as Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino handled gaggle duty aboard Air Force One.

So, how’d she do?

Q What was the President’s reaction to former Secretary Powell talking to Republican senators on the Hill about Bolton?

MS. PERINO: Scott McClellan addressed this with the pool this morning. We are not going to respond to anonymous sources. I would reiterate, though, that the President said yesterday that the Senate needs to put partisan politics aside and confirm John Bolton to be the U.N. Ambassador. Mr. Bolton is the right person at the right time for this important position.

Q But, Dana, it’s not “anonymous sources,” I mean, Powell’s office put out a statement saying that, indeed, he’s had conversations with at least two Republican senators about his reservations about the Bolton job.

MS. PERINO: “Anonymous sources” in terms of what those conversations were, that they had conversations is not –we don’t know what those conversations were and “anonymous sources” we’re not going to comment on, in terms of the content of them.

Oooo, shot down at take-off! Now we know why she’s the Deputy and not the Sheriff.