Department of Well, This Is Helpful: Living Wills a ‘Mortal Sin’

I’d say kill me now, but that’s probably a mortal sin too:

The Bishop of the Madison Diocese is clarifying the church’s position on living wills.

Bishop Robert Morlino says he needed to do so because of the debate that erupted over the Terry Schiavo case.

The Bishop received lots of letters and emails asking if living wills were a mortal sin. He answered in a recent edition of the Catholic Herald stating that, “According to the church’s doctrine, if a living will gets in the way of medical procedures that could prevent death, even if a person is permanently unconscious, it is a mortal sin.”

“When the boxes are checked off, one would get the impression that the author of this document intends suicide under certain circumstances, and that can never be for a disciple of Christ,” says Bishop Morlino.

I think he might need to clarify this clarification. With all the people this guy’s sending to hell (he signed on to the Democrats = Satan campaign, too), they’re going to have to build a special annex just for Wisconsin Catholics.