Vanity, Thy Name Is JimmyJeff

From Holden:

Steve Clemmons drops his round-the-clock coverage of the John Bolton trainwreck to give us a peek at the upcoming Vanity Fair piece on “Jeff Gannon”.

JimmyJeff is still a walking freakshow…

Gannon talks of writing a tell-all book and suggests he has good gossip on important Washington, D.C., people, though given his ordeal, he’s not sure he’d dish. He implies that there is much “misinformation” about him in circulation, but he won’t say what it is. He claims that his “team of lawyers,” whom he won’t identify, is weighing possible libel, slander, and defamation-of-character charges against unspecified parties for offenses he will not disclose. He volunteers that his story is more complex than described, involving secret work for which he needed security clearance, although he refuses to elaborate: “My history isn’t exactly linear.”

And his plans for gainful employment? Not what you would call realistic.

Gannon sees his comeback happening via an interview show, or talk radio, or even the White House briefing room, saying that the person who would hire him would be “someone who didn’t care, somebody who’s a maverick, who wants to create a little controversy … might have the stones to say, ‘We want him as our White House reporter.’ Because that’s news, and that’s going to attract readers.” Scott McClellan tells Vanity Fair, “I don’t think anybody expects it. It seems like he’s moved on.”

Little Scottie sounds a bit wistful there, maybe he hasn’t “moved on” yet.