A Little Dab O’ Froomkin

From Holden:

Today Dan Froomkin points us to the results of the latest Harris poll as reported in the Wall Street Journal, from which we learn that…

[O]nly 36% of all adults say Mr. Bush’s comments on saving and strengthening Social Security are his real motives for changing the program, while 49% believe his real agenda is to dismantle it.

Quick! Get Michael Medved some smelling salts!

And from the miscellaneous snark file, we find that reading is hard work.

In a photo taken just after the [Cessna-threat-ignoring] ride, Bush is holding what appears to be a copy of ‘I Am Charlotte Simmons,’ the Tom Wolfe novel about debauchery on a college campus. In early February, Bush told reporters he was reading that same book — which, if he is almost done, averages to about seven pages a day.