How Many?

From Holden:

How many American service men and women have given their lives for Chimpy’s vanity war in Iraq? Lunaville counts 1,624 who have died in country. However, Soldiers For The Truth [UPDATE: original source here] (via Daily Kos) says the actual total is at least 7,834 when you consider this jaw-dropping statistic:

U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005.

UPDATE: Over at Kos Steve M did some clever spot-checking and found some soldiers who died in Germany listed in the Lunaville count. Does this mean that every soldier who died as a result of injuries sustained in Iraq is listed in that count? Of course not. It’s not clear at all. What is clear is that we cannot trust the Bush assministration to tell us the truth about what is happening in Iraq. They lied before the invasion, they lied during the invasion, and have continued to lie in the aftermath of invasion. That alone is clear.