The First International George W. Bush Effigy Burn-Off

From Holden:

The competition is keen today in the First International George W. Bush Effigy Burn-off with Pakistan and India making it to the finals.

Up First: They’re often confused with our own Native Americans, we love their spicy food, they gave us Gandhi and are now performing all of our high-tech jobs for one-third the salary – The Indians!


Now for our Second Finalists: They are our partners in the War on Terror, the new kids on the nuclear block, the General who runs their country recently announced that he will stay in office beyond the year 2007 no matter what the country’s constitution says, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you… The Pakistanis!

AP Photo/Shakil Adil

Let’s have a nice round of applause for our competitors, they really gave it their all.

Now it’s up to you, the George W. Bush Effigy Burning fans to decide who goes home this year with the title. Will it be the Indians or the Pakistanis? Vote in the comments.