Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle [Summary]

From Holden:

Those in the know recognize the fact that I use the term “gaggle” rather loosely. Little Scottie typically takes questions from the press corps twice a day: once in the morning in an informal session called the Gaggle, and again in a more formal afternoon Press Briefing that typically opens with official announcements and updates on the president’s biking schedule.

The session I generally obsess on is actually the afternoon Press Briefing because that’s usually the only session for which I can locate a transcript. I refer to both sessions as the “gaggle” because it is a silly-ass name. frequently posts summaries of the morning gaggle session, the one for which I am left woefully transcriptless by the White House. Those gaggle summaries often include some interesting exchanges. Take this morning’s summary as a furinstance.

Regarding the WaPo report that Rummy authorized the downing of the Cessna of Death (you know, the one they didn’t tell Chimpy about until after he finished demonstrating his new sissy bar).

Scott said that the report was wrong about shooting down the plane and that reporters should check with the Secretary of Defense.

So, Little Scottie sez the “two senior federal officials” who told the Post that Rumsfeld wanted to waste the errant pilot and the “senior federal law enforcement official” who corroborated their account are all liars?

Regarding Stem Cells

Asked about the possible veto of the House passed bill yesterday, Scott said that the President said he would veto the bill for reasons he stated in his East Room Speech on Tuesday. Twice he referred to embryos as “children as embryos”. Scott was questioned about how the four to five hundred thousand embryos in storage were all going to be adopted and he went back to what the President stated yesterday. Scott was asked about the President’s remarks that there is no such thing as a “spare embryo” and was asked about lost embryos in the artificial insemination process. He said that he would, “come back to that later.”

[Emphasis added.]

“Children as Embryos”? What about the “Children as Sperm”, Scottie? Or the “Children as Eggs”? Or the “Children as the Gleam in the Milman’s Eye””? Who will save them?

And the following exchange just screams out for added emphasis and a rimshot.

[A]sked about lost embryos in the artificial insemination process. He said that he would, “come back to that later.” [Click for rimshot.]

Regarding Afghanistan and Iraq

Helen Thomas asked about being in Iraq and Afghanistan by invitation. Scott said that they are sovereign governments and that “the people of these two countries elected these governments”.

Hmmm… Weren’t the governments of Saddam Hussein and Mullah Omar sovereign? Yes, they were indeed. And they did not exactly invite us to invade, did they now. I mean, the entire concept of invasion sort of negates an invitation, right?

Hopefully, someone during this afternoon’s Press Briefing will follow up on these lines of questioning (and when they do I will confuse everyone by calling it the “gaggle”).