In Which Athenae Both Fangirls and Disagrees With Charlie

Ah, Charlie:

And Sept. 11, 2001, proves all of those threats that people had been assessing to no effect were actually real. Government sends our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters off to Afghanistan and to Iraq to have wars.

Do you see Osama bin Laden rotting in a prison?

I don’t. As best I can tell, the poppy fields are fantastic in Afghanistan this year. That means lots of heroin in Europe next year.

Thank you, government!

Weapons of mass destruction? Show me some. That’s why we went, wasn’t it? Big threats and Saddam Hussein buying nuclear yellowcake and fancy metal tubes and whatever?

Oh, no, it’s about democracy now.

Democracy and elections and car bombs and 1,700 dead troops.

What a grand mixture of dishonesty and incompetence is on display.

Uh, Charlie?

Government certainly cannot fix our environment.

We created that problem ourselves during periods of uncontrolled, frenzied growth. We have fallen into behaviors that allow the consumption of everything around us, all at the expense of habitat and the natural world.

We’ve so dirtied everything up that a whole science has been created to tell us just how much poison we can eat before we’re in trouble.

It’s cheap and easy to blame the oil companies, the chemical companies, the food companies, President Bush, Republicans, whatever target you might want to pick.

The truth is, we have created all of these problems ourselves.

We fool ourselves when we point the finger at General Motors for building giant sport-utility vehicles.

GM just gives you what you want.

If you want to be a pig, it will send a chromium-plated swill trough right over, and you can stick your trotters in there and gobble until you bust, Mrs. Swineyperson.

If you said, “I want a hydrogen-powered vehicle,” or “I want a car that runs on alternative fuels,” or “I want a car that runs on biodiesel,” GM could find a way to do that.

Just make your demand clearly and plop some money behind it.

And watch as people who buy Hummers get tax breaks, I guess.

Charles, Chuckles, Charlie, Chaz. Liberals don’t necessarily believe magical government can “solve” those problems, either. But liberals, at the moment, aren’t all that into government making them worse. Conservatives? They’re all about that. They’re not anti-government. They’re anti-government that doesn’t reward them for behaving in ways detrimental to society and beneficial to their bank accounts.

Charlie, you’re way too smart to buy into this. Government-bashers like to pretend that government isn’t made up of and headed by people we elect. And there’s a very thin line of silliness separating the positions that government always sucks, and government’s always great. Adherents of either need a good swift kick to the head.