That Orange Jumpsuit Looks Good On You, Judy

From Holden:

Judith Miller and Matt Cooper may be bunking in the big house as soon as this weekend.

Journalists Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller may find out as soon as this week whether the U.S. Supreme Court will hear their appeal of a contempt ruling for refusing to disclose who leaked the identity of a CIA agent to them — a decision that could send them to jail before the end of the month.

The high court is set to consider the reporters’ requests for certiorari on Thursday, along with hundreds of other appeal cases, according to Attorney Floyd Abrams, who is representing Miller. He said the justices will discuss the case at their Thursday conference, which essentially ends the court’s current session, and likely make their decision known next Monday.

“The usual practice would be that they decide at the [Thursday] conference, unless they decide to put it off and decide in the fall,” Abrams said today. “These decisions are usually announced on the following Monday.” But, given the interest in this case, a decision could be announced any time after it is made, Abrams said.

“The overwhelming amount of cert [requests for appeal] are routinely denied,” Abrams said. “There are sometimes a few that are granted; we hope to be in that few.” If not, they could be sent to jail within days.