They Say It’s Your Birthday

From Holden:

Yes, it is my birthday as I reach the ripe-but-not-too-ripe age of XX today.

This was a helluva nice present.

It is a wonderful day to say thanks to a few of the bloggy folks I’ve met and corresponded with over the past three years or so starting with the fabulous Tena and the soon-to-be-$25-poorer Athenae who graciously share this space with me.

Thanks as well to Attaturk, Robert M. Jeffers (who was also born on this date), NTodd, Backslider, skippy, Dan Froomkin, TBogg, watertiger, and of course the daily (hourly) read – Atrios who gave the opportunity to guest in his place just less than a year ago, thus giving me a push down the road to hell.