I’m Curious About Something

Do people who write things like this

In fact, one of the biggest problems we are facing is the fear of being labeled as biased. Not in actually *being* biased. Our giving in to this fear has turned much of what we produce into sanitized mush. There are stories buried in this mush, but the essential truth they are trying to convey often cannot be discerned. It must be “balanced” with something. Sometimes, with an outright lie. And so two things have happened: Fewer people read these stories (for who wants to read mush?); And, often, such stories are open to easy assault from any point of view. Mush is easily shaped into whatever someone wants to make of it. Witness how many stories about the Middle East are assailed in equal measure by both pro- and anti-Israel bias-screechers.

Who’s to blame for this state of affairs? Why, it’s Tim Graham and his cohorts on both the left and right.

also believe that theater crit has ruined acting? That movie reviews have destroyed cinema? That literary criticism is on the verge of wiping out the written word altogether?

And if not, what possibly excuse can there be for writing something so unbearably whiny and childish, other than not wanting anyone, ever, to point out your mistakes? I’m certainly not a Tim Graham fan, but the “bias spotting industry?” Give me a break.