Always Look On The Bright Side of Life [whistles]

From Holden:

The Pentagon has been forced to release additional images of Our Troops! returning from Iraq in flag-draped coffins.

Under the terms of a legal settlement announced on Thursday, the Pentagon will make available “as expeditiously as possible” some photographs of the coffins of service members killed in Iraq.

With US soldiers dying at a rate of 5.8 per day so far this month many of those images will be of recent vintage.

But wait – Tinkerbell lives!

“When I look at the bar charts, the statistics are a clear indication that the tempo of suicide attacks has decreased,” [Brig. Gen. C. Donald] Alston said, noting that the percentage of car bombings involving suicide bombers was as high as 60 percent a few months ago. He expressed optimism that the flow of foreign fighters was ebbing. “This is not an expanding insurgency,” he said.

Yes! Greater efficiency on behalf of the insurgency is yet another measure of our success in Iraq.