Tipping Point

From Holden:

If Bush were in touch with his inner LBJ he might say, “If I’ve lost E. D. Hill I’ve lost Middle America.”

You knew it was a bad day for the White House when even Fox News was piling on President Bush’s counselor, Dan Bartlett.

E.D. Hill, one of the “Fox & Friends” morning show anchors, said she thought the Iraq war “was a justified one” but now worries “that there’s not a plan to actually win that ground war.”

“Well, E.D., I can assure you that’s not the case,” Bartlett assured her. Allowing that it’s been a “bumpy process” with “difficult days,” he asserted: “We have the right strategy to prevail.”

Hill was not reassured by this assurance. “I guess I’m not convinced,” she replied.