Muqtada al-Sadr Calls the Shots

From Holden:

Apparently there will be no agreement on an Iraqi consitution today.

Parliament announced it had no plans to meet Thursday night and no date for a future session, signaling Iraqi factions were failing to reach agreement on a new constitution before a self-imposed midnight target.

The statement from National Assembly’s top spokesman, Bishro Ibrahim, came as negotiators struggled for consensus on a draft by the close of a 72-hour extension granted Monday night by parliament, after Sunni Arabs blocked a vote on a charter accepted by Shiite and Kurdish negotiators.


Armed attacks against offices of al-Sadr’s movement and SCIRI then spread across the Shiite heartland of central and southern Iraq. Twenty-one pro-al-Sadr members of parliament and three top government officials announced they were halting official duties in protest of the Najaf attack.

Legislator Bahaa al-Araji said Thursday the suspension will continue “until the leader’s [Muqtada al-Sadr] demands are met and until the investigation is over.”