It’s Okay To Hit Them With The Chair Now

Well, Tena’s and my fears were for naught: Bush’s approval ratings on Katrina went DOWN since that speech.

Why anyone grants this president any kind of deference whatsoever beyond the simple courtesy due his office is utterly beyond me. Any part of his agenda that we can hold up or obstruct in any way, we should. People don’t like this guy anymore. They don’t like the way he’s handled Iraq, they don’t like the way he’s handled Katrina, and they don’t like how he’s doing his job. They got suckered into voting for him because otherwise Jesus would make them gay, and now they’re starting to come out of that stupor, so while we’re stuck with the consequences of their crap choice for the next three years, it doesn’t mean we have to lie down and submit to the will of an imaginary majority of people who think he RULEZ.

Because he doesn’t.

Kick them while they’re down, kids. Kick them hard.