I’ve Seen This Movie

Texan First Drafters, stay safe.

I wonder what we’ll hear in the next few days from the president, from the conservasphere, from George Will and Lisa Daniels and those worthless sacks of shit over at Powerline.

I wonder if we’ll hear that nobody could have anticipated that a hurricane this strong would be hitting Texas. That there was no warning whatsoever.

I wonder if we’ll hear that the right people are working within FEMA to get the problems solved and that they’re doing a heckuva job.

I wonder if we’ll hear cries for help, and no answering calls.

I wonder if we’ll hear blame for the mayors of the affected cities and for the governor of Texas for not commandeering every vehicle imaginable and busing people out of there.

I wonder if we’ll hear about the culture of permissiveness and people who don’t want to work and who’d rather settle down in the path of a storm and how it’s all gonna work out just fine for them on government assistance now, the goddamn welfare cheats.

I wonder if Bush will keep strumming his guitar and cracking jokes about all the good times he used to have, and offer sympathy to the congressmen who lose their second homes in the storm.

I wonder if Jonah Goldberg will be cracking some jokes about how people in Texas need to grow gills as the winds dash their houses to pieces.

God, I want to believe we’re better than that now. That we’ve learned something. That even the special brand of human scum to which Goldberg and his ilk aspire are capable of evolution, that the Walter Cronkite moments given to us by Keith Olbermann and Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper and of all people Shep Fucking Smith have made a dent in our extraordinarily thick national heads. I want to believe Katrina changed everything.

I guess time will tell.