Remember all those “nobody could have known it would be this bad” and “it takes time to get things together and get people and supplies down to the affected areas” and all the other reasons why nobody in the path of Katrina had any help at all, why streets in small towns in Mississippi looked deserted? Remember how Anderson Cooper had to help that poor woman dig her stuff out of what remained of her house nearly a week after the hurricane?

Yeah. Home Effing Depot has managed to get it together.

The company has pre-positioned trucks around the projected strike zone filled with post-hurricane supplies, including generators, chain saws, tarps and even barbecue grills to cook with, so they can be quickly brought in when the storm has cleared.

The trucks are all radio-equipped and their moves are coordinated by Home Depot’s “war room” in Atlanta, which is operating 24-7.

Imagine that. Pre-positioning needed supplies near the anticipated strike area so that they can be moved in quickly once the storm ends. Imagine needing someone to tell you that might be a good idea. Imagine that not being so freaking obvious, FEMA, that you’re left a month later making crap excuses for why you didn’t get there faster.

Bush’s America: We’re all fending for ourselves.