All The President’s Fluffers

From Holden:

So, what did we learn overnight regarding the Plame case? That Bob Woodward’s credibility is making that slurpy-rattlie noise your straw makes when you reach the end of your Icee? Well, yes but who really cares?

What strikes me as most interesting about this latest unfolding of the Plame drama is the investigation continues in earnest. Far from tieing up loose ends before closing up his shop, Patrick Fitzgerald is still taking witness depositions. The fat lady has not even arrived at the stage door.

Who was this unnamed official who somehow just remembered telling Bob Woodward that Valerie Plame was a classified agent working for the CIA on WMD issues? Didn’t his president order him and all Assministration officials to fully cooperate with the investigation? How is it it took two-plus years for him or her to recall such a significant detail?

And finally, a word of advice to Libby’s lawyer, William Jeffress, Jr. DO NOT TAUNT HAPPY FUN-FITZ. Pat Fitzgerald strikes me as a man who prefers his revenge served cold.