437 Torture Flights

From Holden:

Wow. 437 CIA rendition flights over or through a single country, albeit one with several key US military installations.

Something tells me Condi’s latest charm offensive (or was that “offensive charm”?) isn’t going to win over the Germans.

Germany has a list of more than 400 overflights and landings by planes suspected of being used by the CIA, part of the information it hopes U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will clarify on her visit here, a government spokesman said Monday.

Ulrich Wilhelm confirmed a weekend report in Der Spiegel magazine that the list — drawn up by air traffic control — showed at least 437 flights had passed over or through Germany. The issue is being taken up by a parliamentary panel examining when the previous German government obtained this information and how much it knew about the operation.

The list constitutes part of the overall information German officials hope Rice will clarify when she meets Tuesday with Chancellor Angela Merkel, Wilhelm told reporters.