Froomkin is Back!

From Holden:

Reader RobertEarle alerted me to the fact that Dan Froomkin has returned to his spot at the online WaPo after a monthlong paternity leave.

Lately I’ve been wondering if Froomkin would address the controversy surrounding his employer’s ombudsman, Deborah Howell, and her on-again, off-again parroting of Ken Melman’s talking points regarding AbramOffal (only Howell pulled it off with a bit more butch than Melman). After all it was Howell who agreed that the online WaPo should “remove the ‘White House Briefing’ label from Froomkin’s column” so that their beetle-browed readers won’t confuse columnist Froomkin with a Post reporter.

Turns out Dan did not say anything directly about the Howell kerfluffle, but after repeating a Scott McClellan statement that “Abramoff gave directly or indirectly to Democrats and Republicans” Froomkin did touch on the ombudsman’s troubles indirectly.

McClellan’s continued attempt to portray the Abramoff scandal as bipartisan doesn’t exactly help his credibility on the question of White House meetings. His assertion flies in the face of the facts and is a Republican talking point espoused only by the most partisan or most credulous.

Dan, you are sooooooo subtle.