Okrent Finds His Safe Word

Via Romenesko, Daniel Okrent, taking a page from Cheney’s book, shows up to shoot the wounded:

“The general rolling over on the part of the American press allowed the war to happen. I do believe that is true, and I think the press is extremely chastened by that. I think we all know how bad it was.”

Well god DAMN, Danny Boy, if only you’d been in a position to, you know, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If only you’d, you know, WORKED AT A BIG HONKIN’ NEWSPAPER. If only you’d had a COLUMN FROM WHICH TO IMPART YOUR WISDOM. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know screaming scares the neighbors, but the pressure valve gets overloaded sometimes.

As I recall, Danny’s greatest hits collection include publicly naming an e-mailer critical of Adam Nagourney’s reporting on the administration that started the war Danny now thinks is a cock-up, and … somebody hum the other hits for me. I can’t quite remember the words.

He comes to us now and says we were right after all … 2,300 dead soldiers say thanks, Danny, for your late-breaking honesty.