Drunk, Drunker, Drunkerest

From Holden:

The Smoking Gun has all the Cheney shooting witness statements up now. I was struck by the statements of Pam Willeford, US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Sarita Armstrong Hixon, co-owner of the Armstrong Ranch with her sister, Republican Lobbyist Katharine Armstrong.

Both Willeford and Hixon completed their statements on February 15, the same day Dick Cheney admitted to Brittney Hume that he had been drinking beer that day.

Pam Willeford concluded her statement by saying:

There was no alcohol consumed during the afternoon of the hunt in the field. I did consume a glass of wine at lunch, approximately 4-4 1/2 hours earlier.

Maybe I’m picking nits here, but if Whittington was shot at 5:30 PM and she had a glass of wine at lunch “4-4 1/2 hours earlier” then she must have had her glass of wine at 1 or 1:30 PM, which in my book was “during the afternoon of the hunt”. She adds the qualifier, “in the field”, which I suppose means they were drinking before they piled into the car to shoot the caged birds.

Sarita Armstrong Hixon did not mention alcohol at all in her original statement. But later that same day (again, Feb. 15) she felt the need to supplement her statement with the following:

To my knowledge none of the members of my shooting group the afternoon of February 11, 2006 at Armstrong Ranch consumed any alcoholic beverage.

I wonder why she felt the need to add that, and I also wonder if she knew Cheney had admitted to drinking that afternoon before she felt the need to add to her statement.

Hixon also claimed:

I was quail hunting on the Armstrong ranch the afternoon of Fenruary 11, 2006 and was an eye-witness to the shooting of Harry Whittington on that date.

Yet later in her statement she says:

The shooters swung their shotguns following the bird, I heard a shot and saw Mr. Whittington fall to the ground. I learned a few minutes later that the Vice President had fired the shot.

Funny, isn’t it, how an “eye-witness” did not know which of the two hunters had fired his shotgun. Seems like that would be something an “eye-witness” would know right away and not have to be told “a few minutes later”.