Ugly all the way around

From Scout:

From the Times Picayune

But Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., said he was rebuffed by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, which also is probing the handling of the crisis. With White House attorneys asserting executive privilege and facing a tight deadline for his report, Davis said he decided against issuing the subpoena through his committee and wading into what would have likely been a protracted legal battle.

“Had they joined us,” he said, “we would have issued a subpoena.”

Davis’ report, issued last month, chided the White House for its lack of cooperation, but he had sharper words Thursday for the administration’s unwillingness to give the committee what it asked for.

“Why wouldn’t they just let us have it?” Davis asked. “What are they hiding? I have to assume it is pretty ugly.”

I’m sure it is ugly. Also ugly is the Senate and House unwillingness to fight the White House on this. Collins talked tough on wanting White House documents but in the end folded. Lieberman Says he disagrees but isn’t that easy to say now. If he were the head of the committee would he subpoena Bush? Based on past behavior I doubt it. And Davis says he needed the Senate’s help or he’d have faced a protracted fight with the White House.

It’s Cowardly and Ugly all the way around.