Fathers And Sons


They are all dressed up like prom goers, the dads in tuxes and the daughters in evening gowns looking all grown up. They dance, they laugh, they giggle. And then father and daughter stand up, holding each others hands, staring into each others’ eyes and the girls make these vows as if in a wedding ceremony.

As I watch it occurs to me that this is why they don’t have an exception for rape and incest. It’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

You will notice that there’s no “mother-son” ceremony in which boys pledge to their mothers to stay pure until they give themselves as a gift to their wives.

You know, it never fails to completely amaze me, the number and diversity of opportunities Democrats manage to miss. We look at so-called “values voters” and imagine that in order to appeal to them, we must repeat the same phrases right-wing loonies spew, without deviation, without creative thought, without fail.

Example: the batshit cited above. If you are a Party Strategist, say, for a conservative Democratic candidate, and you sincerely believe there is a bloc of voters out there to whom you can appeal by denouncing premarital sex, why on earth would you then reach into the Republicans’ bag of tricks and pull out the same kind of illogical, infantilizing, woman-hating, “it’s your responsibility to stop those animal boys from invading your privates, so go promise God you’ll save yourself for marriage and don’t ask too many questions about what the boys have to promise God in return.”

If you’re one of those Party Strategists who sincerely believes there’s votes to be gotten by talking about how kids have sex too soon, too often, with too little thought, why not advise your candidate to tell young men of faith and courage to keep it in their damn pants already?

Why not talk about how it’s the responsibility of both people in a loving relationship to determine what each of them wants and needs, sexually and otherwise? Why not push a Young Men’s Chastity Movement, if what you really want is to stop teen boinking? Why not point out, loudly, over and over, that for too long sexual responsibility has rested solely on women’s shoulders, and it’s time for men to be men, and stop acting like they have nothing to do with the placement and disposition of their penises?

Honestly. It’d do a couple of things at once. First, like the movement to reduce abortion by preventing unwanted pregnancy (cf. Hillary’s proposal of a couple of months ago), it shows up that what Republicans want is not prevention but punishment. Forcing them to argue against asking men to be reponsible drives the most misogynistic aspects of their “moral” agenda out into the open, and exposes them for what they are and what they really want. They don’t want a public health movement. They want a public stockade, where women with scarlet letters on their chests can stand while the righteous throw rotten fruit.

Second, it does actually aim to stop the young and dumb from fucking each other, and if that’s your kink, if that’s what you think will fix America’s problems, you should at least pursue that goal honestly, with the concern for equality which is the hallmark of the Party, instead of screaming about how wimmins is h0rs.

(Personally, I think a Young Men’s Chastity Movement, besides sounding camper than a field full of Boy Scouts, would have about as much effect as the present abstinence pledges by young girls, and that teenage sex is about as much our national problem as whether or not you put Swiss on your cheese steak, but I’m saying, there are ways to make our opponents look like assholes that don’t involve hypocrisy on our part, and we ought to take advantage of the same.)