John Bolton is a Dick

From Scout:

The UN building is considered delapidated and in need of renovation but the US is holding things up….

He [plan’s director, Louis Frederick Reuter IV] said the current impasse had arisen when the United States emerged as the only country blocking $100 million that was to have been approved for the project by April 1. He calculated that the delay was increasing costs by $225,000 a day.

John Bolton,the American ambassador, said Monday that the United States had offered $23.5 million but was not convinced that the larger amount was needed at the moment. “I don’t think the justification has been made yet on the full $100 million,” he said.

“We’re not trying to slow this down,” Mr. Bolton said, “but we want to proceed in a careful and prudent fashion. The United States thinks that $23.5 million is a lot of money and should carry a pretty good distance until we can have decisions by the General Assembly on some of the other critical questions, like what strategy the organization wants to follow.”

Still hard at work on his his lose 10 stories renovation plan I see.