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augie parents

(photo: Lindsay Semple/Akron Beacon Journal)

The story of this war found in soldier’s videos and the many hometown papers like the Akron Beacon Journal….

Rosemary Palmer and Paul Schroeder watch the last video their son sent home from Iraq before he was killed.


“He’s dead,” Paul Schroeder says, pointing to a Marine on the screen. He points to another group of Marines: “All those guys are dead.”

Augie sent the video in June. The 23-year-old lance corporal died Aug. 3, along with 13 other 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines when their amphibious assault vehicle was struck by a roadside bomb.


As Schroeder and Palmer continue to watch the video their son produced, the music playing is Social Distortion’s Reach for the Sky.

“Reach for the sky cause tomorrow may never come,” the band sings as the images of Augie and his fellow Marines, most of whom are now dead, flash on the screen.

At the end of the video, Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World accompanies other images from Iraq.

augie's pltn

(All but 2 of the Marines above were killed. Photo: Lindsay Semple/Akron Beacon Journal)

Augie’s parents are urging withdrawal from Iraq. Click here to Read the rest and to See Part of The Video (look for video links under pic at that site)