What’s The Deal With The Terrorism Report?

From Holden:

CNN International has an enticing story synopsis about the State Department’s annual report on terrorism, which is supposed to be released today.

Report says Iraq becoming terrorist safe haven (28.04.2006)

The State Department’s annual terrorism report finds that Iraq is becoming a safe haven for terrorists and has attracted a “foreign fighter pipeline” linked to terrorist plots, cells and attacks throughout the world, a senior State Department official involved in the preparation of the report told CNN.

So the State Department says the War on Iraq has transformed the beleaguered country into a safe haven for terrorists? That’s big news.

But when you click the link to read the full story you get a blank page. Here is the link:


Other news outlets have cited CNN International’s scoop (the Middle Eastern Times is one) and watertiger linked to the full story earlier today so it must have been available this morning.

What’s up with that?

UPDATE: The link is now working. Weird.