Heckuva Job Alphonso

From Scout:

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Think Progress has the story of HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson canceling a contract as the contractor was critical of George Bush. I guess he forgot what he said in July 2001 before the 69th Annual Conference of Mayors as Deputy Secretary of HUD…..

“HUD is neither Republican nor Democrat, HUD is for the people of this country,” the Deputy Secretary said.

Perhaps forgetful and/or evasive? In December 2005 he was a no show for a Congressional hearing….

Democrats on the Housing and Community Opportunity subcommittee accused the Federal Emergency Management Agency of insensitivity and lack of focus, and railed against Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson for neither appearing nor sending a representative.

HUD spokesman Jerry Brown said Jackson asked subcommittee chairman Bob Ney, R-Ohio, for a separate hearing. Ney hinted that the panel might subpoena Jackson. (emphasis mine)

It’s pretty bad when Ney is threatening to subpoena you. Maybe he’s just rude? This past February he blew off the State of the Black America symposium….

But Alphonso Jackson, the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and a high-profile black member of President George W. Bush’s administration, who’d confirmed his participation at the conference, did not attend the event, according to organizers.

It was not clear why Jackson didn’t show up. During the forum, organizers said they had no explanation from Jackson and a call to HUD was not returned.

But it could be worse. He could show up! And then threaten to WHUP you as he did in October 2003…

Others have recently called HUD’s Secretary Alphonso Jackson an outright thug for his poor behavior that was reported on during an October 2003 visit to a HUD field office in Los Angeles, where Jackson allegedly threatened physical violence against some HUD union members. It’s reported that Jackson allegedly told over 100 employees present at the meeting, “When I was a child, it took my father three whuppings to get the message through to me. And that’s what I am prepared to do if I hear of any more problems from this field office.”

After a number of complaints were filed against Jackson, the Federal Labor Relations Authority ordered Jackson to post a written apology in the Los Angeles field office where the incident allegedly occurred, and as a followup statement stemming from the incident, NFFE (union) president Richard Brown said, “We are going to make sure that everyone knows how this man has behaved, and demonstrate that he is unfit to be the secretary of HUD.”

More on that episode is at govexec.com

Then there is the “Heckuva Job” work by HUD in New Orleans which deserves a whole other post….Later

For now…..Calls for Jackson’s Resignation are right on.