Where are the wingnuts on Popetown?

The fictional town which gives its name to the series is home to a 77-year-old, plump and childish little man with an oversized hat — a pope who likes to play hide and seek, doesn’t wash for months, wants to drink Coca Cola but isn’t allowed to and enjoys bouncing through hallways on a cross-shaped pogo stick. Popetown’s true rulers are three corrupt cardinals who dwell in a wellness spa hidden behind a bookshelf, and who spend their days ruminating over how they can become the richest men in the world. Other inhabitants of the town include a young priest, a dim-witted nun and a cardinal with a sexual preference for exotic animals.

That’s the series — and the problem.

I look forward to the armies of angry LGFers demanding that all US networks show this series in its entirety as proof that we REAL AMERICANS love freedom, popcorn, and baby pandas, and that free speech is a value we all must share OR ELSE.

Or is rigidly enforced tolerance only for things that piss Muslims off?

Also, this made me laugh out loud:

Because however offensive you may think the show is, who doesn’t like the idea of the Pope having fun on a pogo stick?